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Financing… according to your means

It happens to everyone to have unforeseen events. With us, the Maitre du Calfeutrage, we can understand your situation and we can help you find the best and most effective solutions.

Whether it's repairs that need to be done as soon as possible, renovation costs that exceed your budget, or any other situation that leads you to request financial assistance... our policy at the Maitre du Calfeutrage, is to find common ground that will allow you to resolve your insulation or other concerns and even to carry out your project in complete peace of mind.

Payment solutions

Maitre du Calfeutrage supports you as an owner-occupant, by offering the appropriate financing for your situation. Our goal is to help you advance your renovation project(s) without adding fixed costs to your budget.

By providing affordable monthly payment offers, it will give you the flexibility to make purchases based on your needs, not your budget.