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Our team of experts makes it a point to apply the highest industry standards in the field of caulking. Each member of the team has their CCQ skills cards. Also note that we use the appropriate machinery for all types of work, even maneuvering at extreme heights.

MDC commercial caulking = the assurance of a good investment:

Whether to build or renovate, the expertise and work carried out by the team of professionals at Le Maitre Du Calfeutrage remains the guarantee of maximum protection for your commercial building and therefore, for your investment.

Additional information for entrepreneurs

  • Civil liability insurance of 5 million

  • Specialists… training to the highest standards

  • CCQ skills cards.

  • Specialize in height... appropriate machinery for all types of work... extreme heights... smaller projects...

The highest industry standards

No matter what type of property you own, commercial or otherwise, Le Maitre Du Calfeutrage makes a point of respecting and applying the highest industry standards in the field of caulking, and that is you, dear customers. and customers, who benefit from it.

Prevent possible health problems caused by, among other things, mold

As we know, water that infiltrates a commercial building will eventually lead to the rotting of materials, as well as an increase in mold due to humidity. This unfortunate situation can be the cause of health problems for several people living in this building… even the aggravation of the serious risks of respiratory diseases and various infections.

Save energy and money

Are hot and cold drafts entering your building driving up the price of your electricity bills? This is why the commitment of Le Maitre Du Calfeutrage is to offer all owners of new or old buildings our assurance of optimal sealing, thus avoiding the cost of material damage, monetary loss, or even risks to the health of the occupants.

*In addition, replacing the caulking will allow you to benefit from the Rénovert refundable tax credit.

A meticulous and aesthetic work of the structure

Warning! With lesser quality sealants, this is likely to fade colors over time, giving your windows, doors, bricks and ornaments a sloppy look to your building(s).

At Le Maitre Du Calfeutrage, the caulking joints of different textures and colors must be made with a concern for harmony, taking into account the appearance of the interiors and exteriors of houses, buildings and condos, so as to give them a capital gain.

Reliable and renowned products

At the Maitre Du Calfeutrage, to obtain a more beautiful appearance and optimum results in all respects. We are trusted in premium quality and qualified sealant brands by our commercial contractors and home owners.


For the most conscientious work, which guarantees the tightness of your commercial or residential building in Greater Montreal, South Shore, North Shore and Estrie, go ahead with confidence with the team of caulking professionals at… Le Maitre Du Calfeutrage!